23 June 2006

HAHA! Fooled ya!! BUT...

Another event on that fateful day of 23rd of June

OMG! OMG! OMG! After celebrating the Socceroos Draw and entry into the World Cup Top 16...


Right now I'm watching them lay eggs on a high-rise ambulia leaf! Patch and Saddleback are either practising egg laying or fertalizing them, while the unnamed female splotchy now named Harry Kewl for the footballer that saved the Socceroo's bacon.

Ill now have to call all the babies socceroos! Or maybe I'll name 3/5 of them "Ole!" and the remainder "Aussie!"

Pity they will be black white and gold not blue green and yellow. But its still an event worth recording!

Steph and I are Grandparents! ROFL

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